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For more than a century, the Order of the Arrow (OA) has honored Scouts and Scouters who embody the principles of the Scout Oath and Law in their everyday actions. This acknowledgment serves as inspiration for others to uphold these ideals. Arrowmen are renowned for upholding camping traditions and enthusiasm, advocating for year-round and long-term resident camping, and enthusiastically serving others. The OA's commitment to service, activities, adventures, and training for both youth and adults sets a standard for excellence in leadership development and programming, enriching and expanding the reach of Scouting to youth across America.

The Mission and Purpose of the Order of the Arrow

Founded in 1915 with a clear mission, the Order of the Arrow was established to activate the principles of the Scout Oath and Law across the nation. Over a century later, the Order remains steadfastly committed to this noble purpose.

History of the Order

With a legacy stretching back 100 years, the Order of the Arrow has a storied history that traces its roots from its inception at a Boy Scout summer camp to its integral role within the broader Scouting program today.

Organization & Structure

With over 150,000 members across the nation, the Order of the Arrow embodies a profound sense of spirit. Despite its intangible essence, the Order boasts several layers of organization, each with distinct roles and responsibilities.

Membership Requirements and the Inductions Process

Discover the prerequisites for becoming an Arrowman, delve into the induction process, and explore the various levels of membership within the Order.


Led by youth leadership, including the national chief and national vice chief, as well as adult leaders such as the national Order of the Arrow chairman, OA director, and OA specialist, the Order operates with a structured hierarchy. Additionally, the national Order of the Arrow committee provides strategic guidance for the annual program.

National Endowment

Established over three decades ago, the national OA endowment serves as a vital resource for funding scholarships and supporting special programs within the Order.


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